Mazda Service

At T.P. Waters we believe exceptional service and maintenance are an integral part of the Mazda experience. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you - and your car - receive the very highest level of care and attention.

We offer one of the most advanced servicing and parts facilities you would expect from the prestige brand, the very latest in alignment machines and diagnostic equipment, we can cater for all of your Mazda vehicle requirements.

At T.P Waters- All of our Service Advisors undergo a specialist induction and training programme to ensure they are Mazda professionals and can talk to you about any issues you may have with your Mazda.

Having your Mazda serviced by us means that you can count on the expertise of qualified Mazda technicians, ensuring that your warranty is kept up to date and helping to maximise the resale value when you look to sell the car.

Genuine Mazda Parts

Would you allow a part in your Mazda that is not up to the manufacturer's standard? No? Well, neither do T.P. Waters. All of our parts are approved by Mazda and come with a 2 year guarantee*.

We Don't Like Surprises Either

At T.P. Waters we believe in transparency, that is why we will give you a quote over the phone and provide you with menu pricing across the full range of servicing and repairs. If your vehicle requires any additional work we will ask your permission before proceeding, this rules out any unexpected changes to your quotation.

Mazda Service from €180 - this includes oil & oil filter change with DPF Regeneration*

* Diesel only

Convenient Service Facility

To offer you the most efficient service we have a choice of convenient arrangements to choose from:

Mazda Tyres

The condition of the tyres on your Mazda is vital in bringing it to a safe and controlled stop. But even a tyre with the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm takes much longer to stop than a brand new one. When conditions affect the stopping time of your Mazda, as is during rainfall - the condition of your tyres are an even greater priority. Fortunately, we offer a range of premium tyres at competitive prices.

Your tyres are the only point of contact between your Mazda and the road making regular maintenance and correct replacements a key consideration. Not only do tyres affect the acceleration, steering and stopping distance of your car, they are also key factors in fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.

To help maintain your tyres, our Trained Technicians will check the tread depth, pressure, appearance and condition of your tyres. If your tyres need to be replaced, you'll be provided with tyres of the same high quality of the factory-fitted originals at a competitive price. To book a tyre check or receive a quote for a replacement tyre, simply contact our service team at T.P. Waters

Regular servicing by an Mazda specialist is the ideal way to maintain both the smooth running and the resale value of your Mazda. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you - and your car - receive the very highest level of care and service. No one understands Mazda like we do, so to book a service with the people that know your Mazda best, simply contact T.P. Waters. Regular servicing ensures that your Mazda maintains an optimum level of performance during its ownership cycle. A full service history can also enhance the potential resale value of a car.

To determine when your Mazda should be serviced, please consult with a member of our Aftersales team as there is a choice between time and distance servicing and variable servicing. For a vehicle being serviced according to time and distance, services will be required at fixed intervals. Where variable servicing is chosen, sensors located within your engine and other working components of the vehicle will inform you when servicing is required.

Air Conditioning Service

Prepare your Mazda for the hot months with an Air Conditioning Service.

Unwittingly your cars air conditioning system could not be running as efficiently as it should. It is only 80% efficient after one year and 60% after two years. Did you realise you are paying for that in fuel consumption?

You may not realise it, but your cars air conditioning system generates a large amount of condensation during operation. This can provide the ideal environment for some very unwelcome passengers, things like bacterial spores and germs that breed quickly in such conditions and cause sore throats, flu like symptoms, allergies and smells.

Maintaining your system could not be easier with an Air Conditioning Service from Mazda. Our Mazda trained technicians will carry out a comprehensive check, re-gas your air conditioning system and use an anti-bacterial treatment to neutralise stale odours for only €59!

Our service includes:

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