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Mazda 6-year New Vehicle Warranty
At Mazda, quality is a promise that we live up to. That’s why we’re extending our New Vehicle Warranty to 6 years – or 150,000 kilometres. Knowing you’re fully protected against the unexpected, you’ll be able to focus on the driving pleasure even more.
All-new Mazda CX-60
All-new Mazda CX-60The All-New Mazda CX-60 is Mazda’s first plug-in hybrid. It offers everything in terms of power, driving range and fuel economy. Besides the peace of mind you get from driving a car with a lower environmental impact, you’ll also be pleased to know the battery comes with a 8-year guarantee (or 160.000 km). Now available in a powerful Diesel e-SkyactivD 3.3L engine.
241 Mazda Offers
With APR from 5.9% and a 6 year warranty there are more reasons than ever to discover your 241 Mazda. Crafted in Japan.
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